Town & Country Houses


For all the projects that Sawyer Fisher has been involved with at Althorp, a full service has been provided.

The external repairs and re-roofing project was recently completed over five phases to suit the use of the house and estate’s day-to-day running.

The first phase was completely tendered on a full Bill of Quantities using the IFC Contract.

The other phases were negotiated.

The total value of phases was in excess of £5 million.

External repairs and re-roofing to the main house have won an RICS award for conservation.

Our previous project at Althorp concerned the new museum in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales including:

  • new visitor facilities
  • access paths
  • parking
  • cafe facilities and
  • museum display installation which was completed within a very short period. The works were negotiated, but work packages tendered.