Westminster School

Westminster School buildings are all Grade l listed buildings of architectural importance. They also form part of the World Heritage site around Westminster Abbey. The new rooftop extension to provide staff and student accommodation overlooks Dean’ Yard.

The Busby’s School which is located within the confines of Westminster School. The Busby’s Yard redevelopment consisted of several phases:

  • Phases l and 2 consisted of alterations to the housemasters’ accommodation and student accommodation within Busby’s Yard, converting the existing Liddell’s housemaster flat into new temporary boarder bedrooms and conversion of existing tutor’s flat and boarder bedrooms below into the new housemasters’ flat including re-roofing of the roof over Blackstole Tower roof.
  • Phase 3 consisted of further alterations to the existing accommodation on the ground floor.
  • Phase 4 included the construction of a new rooftop extension to form new bed studies and Tutor’s flat.
  • Phase 5 consisted the alteration and repair to the existing staff welfare facilities, re-landscaping of Busby’s Yard, formation of new ground floor corridor and sundry alterations to the mezzanine and first floor level of Liddell’s.

Other works recently completed or currently on site consist of:

  • The conversion of existing monks cells into boarding school at St Edward’s House whilst retaining the existing chapel for school use
  • Conversion of student house into Masters’ House at 4 & 5 Barton Street
  • Budgets for the conversion of the printing area into a proposed medical area
  • Ashburnham House/Garden – re-paving of the garden
  • Demolition of the Ashburnham House Adrian Boult Music Centre set between 3 listed buildings in the Westminster School complex and the construction of classrooms and reception building following an archaeological phase of works
  • Alterations to form new School visitor/reception areas
  • Conversion of existing space into Doctor’s surgery area
  • Future projects include the repair of existing sports pavilion with two new extensions.